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A huge thank you!

Last Friday was so inspiring to see and hear from you all before the school year starts. I really wish you all the best and hope that you continue to knock down whatever hurdles you may face. For those of you who that are ready for this engagement to begin. Please use the form below to complete the signup process.


A creative assignment to challenge yourself to build a digital portfolio with Jason Thigpen as the lead instructor and producer of the engagement story. The entire experience may last between 3 - 6 months from the start date. The main objective is for all participants to obtain a personalized domain name and design a comprehensive layout. The entire engagement will be conducted virtually until further notified. The official start date is September 12th, 2020.

The inspiration for this mission comes from the good folks over at The Futur and Blind who brought us the impactful series titled Building A Brand. I encourage you all to take a look at some of the videos to potentially learn more about our goals in telling a story through the process.

Agenda (So far)

After getting parental consent for the folks that are 18 years or younger.

1. Grab your personalized domain name i.e. www.YourName.com or another portfolio worthy ending. I am recommending domain registry with Google. If you need help purchasing your domain please indicate so on the form below.

2. We are capturing footage of the entire process for the purpose of creating a promo video at the end. The goal is to have 4 - 5 complete videos from each person that participants chop full of recordings from start to finish. This part will depend solely on you and the amount of direction that is followed going forward.

3. Select the resource for your learning path that mets your design style. We will be using Strikingly or Webflow. Both are online builders that provide hosting as a service which basically means they charge for premium features of the platform. But take a look go with your gut. 

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